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School Rules


  1. To protect and promote the sanctity of the school by maintaining peace, order and harmony in school.
  2. Maintain cleanliness in the campus and also help in making our school a green school.
  3. Safeguard and preserve school property.
  4. Respect elders, teachers and friends.
  5. To speak softly and to speak only in English while in school campus.
  6. Follow the general instructions given in the school by teachers and leaders.
  7. Attend and maintain the dignity and sanctity of the school assembly.
  8. Regularity in attending academic and non-academic activities.
  9. Attend all activities organized by the school like literary fest, Independence day Celebration, Sports day or any other activity.


  1. Regularity in submission of school work.
  2. Student should go to respective classes on time.
  3. Maintain corridor discipline.
  4. Not to come out of the class without the permission of the teachers. Students are not allowed to come out and loiter in the corridors after each classes.
  5. Student participating in outside school activities should inform their co-coordinator and class teachers in order to avoid a clash with their school activities.


  1. Helping a friend in need.
  2. Do not resort to bullying on bus or in school.
  3. Use appropriate language in school with friends and others.


Student must be dressed in school uniforms. Whenever they are in the school premises. Student need to be in complete school uniform when :

  1. They represent the school in any inter school event even if it is conducted during holidays.
  2. They accompany their parents for parents-teachers meetings (P.T.M) or any activity organized by the school.
  3. They come to school for reasons like collection of hall ticket, attestation of certificates or marks card and for any other reasons.
  4. Students have to wear the standardized uniform of the school.House T-shirts need to be worn on Saturdays.
  5. Students should wear clean and well ironed dress including tie, belt, socks and shoes.
  6. Shoes, socks and ties have to be washed regularly.
  7. No student can wear his or her school uniform and go to malls, coffee shops or any other public place.
  8. Girls are allowed to wear only ankle socks which are above the ankles. They are definitely not allowed to wear low cut socks to school and they have to purchase socks that are according to their size.
  9. Without prior permission no student without uniform is allowed to enter the school campus (except on Birth Days.)


  1. Not to wear gold /fancy heavy ornaments or use cosmetics.
  2. Not to have streaked hair, fancy hair styles, leave shoulder length or long hair untied.( If long hairs have one or two plaits; If shoulder length hair, have ponytail with black bands or ribbons on all days of the week. Children having short hair should ensure that hair does not fall on the face. They need to wear their hair back either by wearing a band or a slide.)


  1. Not to wear caps and headgear in the school.
  2. Not to have streaked hair, long hair(Except Punjabi Boys), long side burns and fancy hair styles.
  3. Not to wear bracelets/chains/friendship bands and other bands.
  4. Not to grow their beard. Boys of class XI and XII need to have whenever necessary.


Students are expected to reach the school by 8.30 am and to remain in school for the full school day.

  1. Those who are making his own transport arrangements should reach campus on time.
  2. Prior appointment should be obtained from the office, for parents to visit if other than for planned meetings such as Parent Teachers meeting.
  3. If a parent has been called by the school, it is very important for them to report in the front office. No parent is allowed to go directly to meet the teachers.
  4. The time of leaving the premises depends on the extra activities carried out by each student. Parents should get prior information from the children on these activities so as to avoid any concern or anxiety regarding their delayed return from school.
  5. Need an authorized letter from the parent for a student to leave early. Children will not be allowed to leave with a driver or another adult without an authorization letter from the parent.
  6. Students should take an exit slip from the Academic coordinators before they leave the school.
  7. When parents arrive at school to pick up the student, he or she must go to the school office to sign out the student. He/she will be called to the office to leave.


  1. Students who have been sick for more than five days have to bring a medical certificate from their doctor on the rejoing day. A copy of certificate duly signed by the doctor must be submitted in the school clinic for a follow up.

    A student on returning to school after suffering from any contagious disease will have to produce the doctor’s fitness certificate.

    Period of isolation is being mentioned below:

    • Chickenpox : Till the scabs fall completely
    • Cholera: Till the child is completely well.
    • Measles: One week after the rashes disappear.
    • Mumps: Until the swelling has subsided.
    • Whooping Cough : Six weeks
  2. All the students have to attend the school on the last working day before the Vacation and on the reopening day after the vacation.
  3. Medical reasons will be entertained on very serious illness.
  4. It is compulsory for all the students to the present on the national festival days and the days of school functions. if absent disciplinary action will be taken.
  5. The students who remain absent from school for three or more successive days without prior information or leave granted by their parents will be cancelled.
  6. It is compulsory for all the students to maintain 80% attendance during the course of the academic session to enable them to appear for the final Examination. The percentage however could be relaxed on medical ground by 10% at most.
  7. A special certificate will be given to the students having full attendance.
  8. Leave without information /application will be considered as absent in all cases.

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